IH 2022 Registration Resale
This form is provided to create a matching support process between buyers and sellers of INTERHASH 2022 in Trinidad registrations. I will not collect any money, once a buyer and seller are matched up, you will coordinate directly, fill out the proper form, and exchange the funds directly. This form is not for pre-lube or post-lube events.

This is just a hasher helping other hashers, I have seen/watched this process occur via email and Facebook for many years, and it turns into a random process based on who sees the latest request get posted. This form (and matching process) is solely to add some order to the chaos.

I will not be involved with the funds exchange processes, but also accept no responsibility beyond matching up (buyers/sellers). I also will not be responsible for any other issues (example: a buyer or seller backing out of the agreement. Should this occur, simply resubmit your request and start again).

This option should not be seen as a money making effort to sell your rego. Respect your fellow hasher, make this a clean sell/purchase transaction at the same price or less than what you purchased it for.

By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to allow the information provided to be used for the sole purpose of matching you up (via email) with a (buyer/seller) of IH2022 registrations. You also further agree to not blame or hold me responsible for any financial responsibility related to this free transfer matching support.

On On,
Email *
Hash Name *
Nerd Name (optional)
Buy or Sell? *
How many IH Regos? *
How many Red Dress Regos? *
Desired Price? Please express in $US. Buyer and Seller can agree to buy or sell in whatever currency they agree on. (this question will be used for matching seller's minimum price with buyer's maximum price). Enter specific price for each rego (ex: $150 each for IH, $50 each for Red Dress. Also specify if you want it sold as a bundle, or can be sold individually. If sold individually, separate transfer forms will be required by the IH Committee). FYI: Common selling prices are $150 each for IH, $50 each for Red Dress. *
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