Spring 2021 Scholarship Application: HoopYogini Online Teacher Training
We look forward to receiving your application by Thursday, May 6, 2021, 11:59pm EST. The scholarship winners will be contacted via email the week of May 10, 2021. One person will be awarded a scholarship of 75% off the tuition. Three people will be awarded a scholarship of 50% off the tuition. Five people will be awarded a scholarship of 25% off the tuition. Please read details in full here: https://www.hoopyogini.com/scholarship-season-may-2021 If you have questions, send an email to info@hoopyogini.com; Subject: Spring Scholarship.
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Are you a Hooper? If yes, how long have you been hooping? Share a short and poignant story or memory of how hooping has changed your life.
Are you a Yogi? If yes, how long have you practiced yoga? What style(s) do you practice? Share a short and poignant story or memory of how yoga has changed your life.
In 150–300 words, please describe how you will benefit from the HoopYogini Online Teacher Training and becoming a certified instructor *
In 150–300 words, please describe your plans to take the skills and tools you acquire back to your community, including specific details about when, where, and with which organizations you will be working. *
If you have any extraordinary expenses, large debts, or other circumstances that you would like the Scholarship Committee to take into consideration, please share.
If chosen to win, and if you require a monthly payment plan, can you cover the first tuition payment of $250USD? Please note that you will also be expected to cover the cost of the Required Reading books and materials. *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this application! May your practice bring you peace and may you share this peace with the world.
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