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60 seconds of your time will lead to an amazing and educational 2 hours with David Gerard. Please answer the below questions by Monday, July 2nd.

About David: David Gerard has been interested in magic since he was 7, but got serious at age 18. Since then, he's spent a decade performing magic and mentalism. From upscale cocktail parties, to his hit theater show in SF, to going on tour with The Illusionists, David has crafted performances for a range of audiences and venues. By day, David works in marketing for technology companies. His expertise in brand marketing, fused with his passion for the mystery arts, leads to an audience-first perspective that indexes high on entertainment value.

About this lecture: This is not a dealer demo of tricks. Nothing will be for sale. David's aim is to help you become a better magician --- but he needs to know what "better" really means to you. David's range is wide, and thus, his content can be tailored for this group. By getting your input beforehand, David can make a presentation that nails what the group is more interested in hearing about.

The evening can go in many ways. A sampling of topics David may cover...
- The perfect intro at a cocktail party --- how to break the ice and perform
- A deep dive on ambitious card --- why David does the phases he does and when he puts it in a set
- Mentalism on the platform --- how to make mentalism entertaining, fast, and fooling
- Making a one-man show ----- an evolution of David's stage shows over the last 5 years
- Becoming entertaining --- a crash course on how to raise the entertainment value of your show
- On and on and on, based on your feedback below

What is the #1 thing you would like David to talk about?
What is the #2 thing you would like David to talk about?
Details, details, details --- what are the specifics you're hungry for? We want to hear from you!
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