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We look forward to hearing your feedback on our proposal for Maleys Solar Farm which will enable us to improve our project. Please let us know your views by completing this short survey.  
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Please select which part of the community you are from.
How did you hear about Maleys Solar Farm?
To help us improve the proposals, what do you consider to be the most important features:
Generating clean renewable energy
Reducing emissions that contribute to climate change
Improvement to biodiversity of plants and wildlife
Continuing farming alongside energy generation
Landscape improvements, such as planting new trees and hedges
Contributing to some other local initiative
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Fifth choice
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If you selected contributing to some other local initiative please indicate what this is.
In general how do you feel about our proposal of Maleys Solar Farm?
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Do you have any further comments you wish to add? Also, if you would like further information on particular topics please let us know and provide your contact details and/ or email address.
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