College Planning Day Bus Subsidy Request
The Washington Council for High School and College Relations (WCHSCR) is happy to help support our College Planning Day events by offering bus subsidies for a limited number of high schools - aiming to provide access to low-income or underserved students.

Please complete the form below for your high school to be considered for a Washington Council College Planning Day Bus Subsidy. Reimbursements can only be provided to high schools in the state of Washington who attend the 2018 Washington Council College Planning Day events and priority will be given to those schools who have limited access to College Planning Days in their community. Request must be received by January 31, 2018.

More information on College Planning Day:

For questions related to the bus subsidy process please email Melody Ferguson at

For general information or questions regarding College Planning Days contact Commission Chair, Jami Buselmeier at

Bus subsidy recipients will be notified by email by mid-February.
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