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Welcome to your enrolment form ** Please read the following information carefully and proceed to the questions if you are happy to continue ** Each of our qualifications are delivered over the course of 2-4 weeks depending on the qualification ** You will be required to attend online classroom sessions as part of your course, which will be teaching you the content needed to complete your independent work offline ** You will be sent a timetable of these sessions in the lead-up to the course start date ** All online sessions are delivered via MS Teams, you will be supported to access MS Teams for the first time and will be required to use this platform online to attend all of your online sessions. **It is preferred that you are using a laptop/computer with a camera and a microphone so that you can engage with your tutor during the online delivery sessions. Should you have any questions before proceeding, please email or call 07936 363956
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We require proof of your benefits which can be in the form of a screenshot of your Universal Credits payment page showing your name, OR a letter from the JCP/DWP within the last 3 months. Please select which you are able to provide. (Please email a copy of this to *
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If you selected employment as your next step, please give details below of what kind of work you are looking for and what your previous work history has been until now. (Please note, you will be required to send over your CV if you are seeking employment) *
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