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I have formulated a Yogic Lifestyle Model with #1 Yogic Know-how for Work-Life Balance #2 Yogic Do-how with Yogic Management of Lifestyle Disorders #3 Yogic Be-how to gain Expertise. Sounds good? Check out my offerings... *
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I have conducted Yoga Workshops, I have run Naturopathy Institutes, and this is my endeavour to reach out to the troubled and build a resonating tribe to benefit at community level.
I have done my Mastership in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, and I am a Reiki Master.
I Seek to Resolve 3 Biggest Problems    #1 Workplace Stress & Strain    #2 Unhealthy LifeStyle Routine   #3 Lifestyle Disorders
I offer Top 3 Remedies to Solve the Problems   #1 Yogic Practices for Quick Fix Recharge   #2 Yogic Understanding of Concept of PanchaKosha    #3 Yogic Management with Integrative Techniques
The Format of Yogic Lifestyle Model is  #1 Yogic Education - of Workings within - with Inner Circle Calls   #2 Yogic Execution - of a 30 day Challenge - with 121 Strategy Call    #3 Yogic Exploration - to gain Mastery - with Premium Circle Calls
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For that I have an exclusive Online Course and Coaching platform serving as Papiyaz School
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