Steps 40x40 Initiative Log
We're so grateful that you've committed to the Steps 40x40 Initiative. Please, log your hours and donations on this form for credit. If you have any questions please contact Thanks for your support!
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Please, list the organization you donated money, time, or good to.
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If this was a community service project, please, tell us how many hours you served here. (Example: You went to the shelter and served in the soup kitchen for a 2 hour shift. You would list 2 hours here.)
(Hours) What did you do during your time volunteering?
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Cash Amount
If you made a donation to a charity or directly to the Steps 40x40 Initiative in the form of money, please, specify the amount in dollars here. (Example: You had a bake sale and earned $30 to donate to the 40x40 Initiative. You would list $30 as your donation.)
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Value of Goods
If you made a donation to a collection drive etc. for the Steps 40x40 Initiative in the form of NEW/unused goods, please, list the monetary value here. (Example: You purchased $20 of food for the food drive. You would list $20 as the value of your donation)
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