Camp Arevelk Counselor Application
Counselors have to be at least 18 years old and could not have been campers in 2019.
• First time counselor applications need a reference from their minister, AND another person (not related to them.)
• You will receive information about Counselor Training upon acceptance as a counselor. It is not a requirement to attend Counselor Training for those who have to fly in but it is highly recommended. We will look for subsidies for those flying in to the Worcester area for the Training weekend.
• All counselors are required to be in regular Bible studies during the year (either at school, at church or our AEUNA-AEYF Video Bible studies.)
• All counselors will need to fill out and send in the official Camp Arevelk medical forms

•All counselor references should be emailed to the Counselor Committee at

First and Last Name *
Email address *
Phone number *
1. What are your spiritual gifts? If you do not know them, please do a spiritual gift survey online. *
2. Have you been a Camp Arevelk camper? What was your favorite part of camp? What would you change? *
3. How will you contribute to this year’s camp? *
4. Do you have assurance of salvation? Why? *
5. Do you attend regular bible studies and/or youth group? *
6. How have you grown spiritually this past year? *
7. Do you attend AEYF Retreats and Conferences? *
8. What church do you attend? How often do you go? *
9. Are you willing and able to be at camp the one day early for training and attend a counselor training session? *
10. What ministries are you or have you been involved in? *
11. Do you have any previous Sunday school, camp or VBS experience? Please describe. *
12. Is there any sin(s) that you are struggling with that would impact your ability to lead as a counselor? *
13. What age kids do you like to work with and why? *
14. Do you feel ready to lead a small group discussion/Bible study? Why? *
15. Would you rather be a counselor or a camper? *
Are you willing to sacrifice your time and privileges for the week of camp to dedicate yourself to your campers and obey the rules set for camp?
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