Application for Residency 2018-2019
The Wesley Foundation At LSU Room Rates

-Lady Land- $600 (2-3 person room)
-Whiskey Bay- $575.00 (2 person room)
-El Presidente- $350 ( Single room)
-Bat Cave- $750 (2-3 person room)
-Fishbowl- $300 (Single Room)

Wesley House:
-Bedroom 1: $700 (2 person room)
-Bedroom 2: $700 (2 person room)

These rates are based on the rate for the room. Please make sure to note which room you would like to live in and whom you would like to live with. Once your application is submitted, we will schedule an interview with the director and the board.

Applications due by April 24th, 2019.

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