Graphic Design Research Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

The survey consists of 10 simple questions and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Note: The survey is only intended for Graphic Design (or Graphic-related) courses so please do not complete if you do not have one of these backgrounds.

If you are actively working in the industry but did not complete a Graphics-related course, please simply answer 'Industry' to the first two questions.
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What BA course did you study? *
Where did you complete your BA course? *
What did you like the most about your course? *
What transferable skills did you take from your Graphics course? *
Do you feel like your Graphics course prepared you for industry? *
Please briefly explain your reasoning for the last answer *
From your experience, are there any elements you weren't taught on your course that you have come across in the industry? *
Are there any areas of Graphic Design you'd like to see incorporated more or less in graphics courses? (e.g., Branding, Typography, Animation etc) *
If you were to think of your dream Graphics course, what would it look like? (e.g., what would you learn, units you'd complete, areas of focus etc) *
What do you, as a student, think students want from a modern design education degree? *
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