ESRM Survey of Class Enrollment Issues
Please let ESRM know if you guys are having issues getting into classes. Registering for classes has been a pain since the first universities opened their doors. But we are particularly interested in figuring out what our current bottlenecks/challenges are.

This survey asks about issues you are currently having in both ESRM courses AND in required courses outside of ESRM.

Please note this survey is anonymous by default. At the end, there is an option to put your contact info in if you wish Dr. A to specifically follow-up with your, but this is my no means a necessity.

Also please note that Dr. Anderson has specific office hours each week to help you with any program advising issues you have. That time slot is Tuesdays 11-noon in his office in BTW 1265. You can drop in or use this quick scheduling app to make a meeting reservation with him:

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