Sarus Crane Nest Adoption
Wet season is the breeding season for Sarus Crane (Antigone antigone) and a busy time for growing rice. Due to success of the reintroduction programme in Buriram by the Zoological Park Organization Thailand (ZPO), Sarus Crane has come back from the brink of extinction and started to nest and breed in the wild once again. This majestic waterbird generally builds a nest in the occupied rice field. In order to help both the birds and the farmers whose portion of their crops are lost to the nest, BCST and ZPO has jointly established a “Sarus Crane Nest Adoption” project to help accomplish the following objectives:

1) Compensate farmers whose rice fields are chosen by the Sarus Cranes as the nesting site
2) Support nest-monitoring by volunteers in Buriram. Every nest will be monitored daily.

Detail of Nest Adoption:
6,500 THB/nest/year (supporters will receive monthly and annual reports about the nest and gifts)

Note* Partial support is also welcomed but the supporter will not receive the reports and gifts

You can support via:
PayPal : make a payment to

or International Bank Transfer :
Bank name: TMB Bank
Bank address: Ngamwongwan branch, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Swift code: TMBKTHBK
Beneficiary name: Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
Beneficiary Account / IBAN Number: 026-2-67477-3
Account currency: Thai Baht

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