*Faemily Table* Announcement List
Meet *K is for Kitchen* around our *Faemily Table*! We invite anyone curious (or already excited!) about our food & our approach, to share together a vibrant nightlife around a delicious table of beautifully-sourced food, and conversation that matters.

We're extremely excited about this, and no matter how much we want to say simply, 'It's these two nights a week! without exception! Indefinitely!' -- we know that exceptional circumstance is almost the norm while living in & working with community. Hence, this announcement list.

This list will never be used for ANYTHING besides letting you know for when our Faemily Table events are scheduled, and if they need to be cancelled for any reason. See below for a deeper description of the events.
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That's it! Thank you. We really look forward to seeing you around our Faemily Table. Until then, good eating to you & yours. <3 .
Feel free to offer us both your email and phone number if you would like both kinds of invitations.
A deeper description of our *Faemily Table* events
*How it works*
About twice a month, we open our dinner table to anyone who arrives -- by reservation -- to join us for dinner in our Home. Reservations are made at kisforkitchen.eventbrite.com. Our goal is to share with you the exquisite food experiences that are already seamlessly interwoven in our lives as we cook a delicious, nourishing meal for ourselves & up to 8 guests. We are currently featuring a series of land-based cuisines from around the world, spending two dinners in each place marked with a star on the map below. Moreover, we wish to offer you an opportunity to get to know us, and the energy we bring to a community food system. All arrive to a diverse table of mixed faemily, good conversation, and to enjoy a sublime peasant dinner together.

*Your investment*
We request a sliding-scale donation from each guest of $13-39, to cover the cost of the ingredients and to support our work in the world.

These each are beautiful opportunities to have fun, eat amazing food, and to enjoy great & often likely surprising company.
Our Faemily Table journey around the world ...
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