Available accommodation offered
This form is for people to outline an offer of accommodation to a family fleeing the war in Ukraine.  Please fill it out ONLY if you have decided that you are willing to host a family.  We are using the results to work with a charity to support family group matching and details on this form help us to ensure that they are grouped in a locality.  
 We will use answers only in order to link people to homes.
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Your Name *
If you would like to abbreviate this, please give us enough to work out who to message through the group so not just your first name
Postcode *
Where is the home *
eg. Farncombe, Hascombe
How many people are you offering accommodation to *
How many separate sleeping areas are you offering your guests? *
What kinds of people are you hoping to accommodate *
Tick all that apply, use other for comments - eg specify pets
Please describe the space you are offering *
approx size, bathroom / cooking facilities
Please describe anyone else and any pets that will also live in the home *
Phone number or email address *
Phone number may be used to add you to a WhatsApp group.  The number or e-mail that will be used to quickly respond to requests for accommodation or to direct message you as Messenger posts may end up in spam folders.
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