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Please fill out this brief form in order to be added to our slack where organizers, healers, community leaders and practitioners can respond around a national response to COVID-19. This is a space for both strategic brainstorming and planning, as well as community building via sharing resources, personal stories and opportunities to digitally connect.
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Community Agreements
These guidelines are intended to ensure that we maintain a healthy, relational culture that is trusting, compassionate and supportive across this online space. Please check each box in order to join this organizing and community space.
I have fully read the Coronavirus Slack & Online Culture guidelines and agree to adhere to the principles stated in order to ensure a healthy and constructive culture: *
I will be a respectful member of this community. I commit to not bully or harass, including making aggressive comments, making threats, intimidation, spreading rumors, excluding someone from a group on purpose, and other such behavior. *
I will respect and honor a diversity of ideologies and experiences, knowing that we are all fighting for the health and dignity of all humans. I will respect that your experience may not be the experience of others, hear others’ perspective and allow myself to be moved. *
I will address the idea/strategy/tactic, not the person (e.g. Don’t say: "You're stupid, that will never work." Say: “I don’t understand how that aligns with our strategy. Can you say more?”). I will assume good intentions and check your condescension--we are all learning from each other. *
I will not get into "slack trouble": if there is a disagreement in a slack thread, I will quickly move to a real time conversation via direct chat, call or video call). It’s easy for tone or intent to be misconstrued or misinterpreted online so I agree not to send emails or slacks when I am very upset. I agree to take time to work through my emotions, including reaching out to another person I trust, before responding (either in person or in writing). *
I will spread information, not fear. The resources I share will be oriented towards ensuring our collective safety. I will not target or blame any racial or ethnic group. I will acknowledge that misinformation is how we arrived to the critical conditions we face today, and seek to educate without fear-mongering. *
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