what does your soul crave in 2019?
Hello, friend. I've been bopping along with my belovelive website + social media accounts for almost 8 years now - how is that possible?! I've loved every single post + creation, and I have grown + evolved, as you have too. But, currently, my soul is craving more.

During these long, dark nights of November, I am doing much planning + dreaming for the upcoming new year. And, my soul is leading me in a few new directions. Daring me to try new things, as I seek to use the ancient wisdom of the past in the midst of the creative innovation of the future.

In dreaming + visioning, I have a few ideas, but I would really like to also know what it is that you want. What is it that your soul craves? What kind of inspiration are you seeking in your life?

So, I have prepared a few either/or questions: A kind of poll, I suppose you could say, to help me discover how I can inspire (or even help) you. And where you are in this whole spiritual, blog, social media world.

Please take a few minutes to click through the form below + simply choose whatever answer your soul feels drawn to. And, just in case you didn't know, I am so grateful for your presence + for your response!

xoxo. liz.

Do you still read blogs often? (Obvious, right? Hehe.)
Would you rather
Do you enjoy reading
Where do you go for inspiration?
Do you follow the phases of the moon and/or enjoy posts on the moon cycles?
I've started reading oracle cards, is that something you'd like to see or learn more about?
I lived by the seasons/wheel of the year for the past 12 months - and it was amazing. Should I write a book about it?
Is there another subject you would like for me to write about should I dare to write a book? Share your ideas!
Your answer
Would you be interested short-term challenges/series posts like "how to meditate, how create a cozy home, etc."?
How about some personally written rituals + meditations... you interested?
I have written about many different things on belovelive, what have been your favorite topics?
What would you like to see more of?
I'm offering my annual "Find your word of the year" mini-workshop again in late December. You in?
Last question: I am planning on offering some (donation only!) day retreats next year (only in Sweden for now unfortunately), does that sound interesting to you?
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