Bug report Asterix & Friends test server
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Hello Gaul, here you can find the form for reporting bugs you were able to find while testing the new build version of Asterix & Friends on www.asterix-friends.com/en/test-server/.
▫️ Please make sure to describe the bug as clear and short as possible.
▫️ Don't report the exact same bug twice. This helps us to reduce the time we need to process every report.
On which date did the bug occur? *
At which time did the bug occur? *
Which browser did you use? *
In which category does the bug fit? *
Please describe the bug - Which action resulted in the occurrence of the bug and how did the bug affect the game? *
Did the bug occur again after restart? *
Please tell us your village name to receive special rewards for your village on the LIVE server. You can skip this question.
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