Hi There! So glad that you are on this page right now. You must be very serious about taking your Parenting Skills and your children and family to the next level.

I now offer direct one-on-one coaching to very select group of clients.

This is through application only and there are only few spots available. Please feel free to apply for a free 15-minute strategy session to learn more about how one on one coaching can address your specific needs and help you to ultimately reach your goals and dreams for yourself and for your family.

How I Can Help You:
> Teach you the skills you need to create a family unit that works together, gets things done, is respectful of each other and enhances each individual as well as the family as a whole.
> Help you work through life issues such as: balancing job & kids or entrepreneurship & kids; separation & divorce; remarriage; step-parenting; drugs/alcohol; behavior management; nutrition; school/college; driving; responsibilities; manners; kindness/respect; time management; financial planning & more.
> Let me know what you are looking to achieve and I will help you with the journey.

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