Contractor Interest: Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative
This form is for individual contractors to be added to our roster for future evaluation. If you are representing a company you may fill this form out as well, but please understand our payment rates are generally lower than most companies request.
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What category of services do you provide? *
If you have expertise in more than 1 category, please choose one, and then fill this form out again. LaTeX expertise is covered under 'Research & Writing'.
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For about how many hours per week do you expect to be available to do contract work? *
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If we email you instructions (that you understand) at 9am Monday of a typical week for a task that will take you 6 hours to complete, when do you expect you'll complete the task? *
Please remember to account for your other commitments and social activities as things that will delay our requests.
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For how many months can we expect (with 80% confidence) that the above availability estimates will remain valid?
Please remember to think about whether you have other jobs, other contracts, or graduate school on the horizon that will change your availability.
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