Artist Contract & Policies Agreement
Welcome to the Studio 550 Handmade Gift Shop!

We are so excited you will be joining our community of talented craftspeople. Artist relationships are very important to us, so we will actively work to sell your work and promote your craft. Here is what you can expect from us:

- Marketing boosts and events will be held around significant retail holidays.
- Retail staff will provide customers with accurate information (assuming you provide it) about your creative process, the benefits of your product and how to care for the items they purchase.
- Retail spaces will be kept clean and tidy.
- Your work will be presented in a professional and flattering manner that encourages customer interaction.
- Any questions or concerns you have will be answered within 48 hours by email.

If all of that sounds good, please read through the following form so that you understand our policies and what we are expecting of you. Please read each of the statements below carefully. By checking the corresponding boxes you are agreeing to each policy. Unless otherwise discussed, artists who wish to sell there work must be in agreement with ALL of the following policies.
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