Arborescences 2020

(1 tree = 1 artist)
2nd Eco-Expo in the Elisabeth Park (1081 Koekelberg)

Designed and organized by Pierre Scarella
With the support of the municipality of Koekelberg and the non-profit organisations 'De Platoo' and 'Vivre à Koekelberg'.

Saturday 29 August and Sunday 30 August 2020
from 10am to 8pm


- The exhibition is open free of charge to all visual artists from Brussels, Belgium or elsewhere.
- The 216 trees in the 2 central alleys of the Parc Élisabeth are waiting for you to support your works for a weekend.
- Each artist will choose the tree "that speaks to him".
- In order not to damage this living support, the artists' works will be suspended at eye level from a rope running around the tree trunk. (No ropes stretched between 2 trees).
- The artist may hang several works. A maximum of 4 works for large formats (60cm x 90cm for example) and more works for small formats.
- The artists sculptors will exhibit their works around the tree, on the ground or on the supports they have brought.
- The dates chosen will allow maximum visibility thanks to the simultaneous running of the "Plazey" festival which moves a very large crowd in the park every year.
- Each artist is free to sell their works. The organization does not withhold anything on possible sales.
- Each work can be set up from Saturday 10am and will be removed in the evening at 8pm. (No artwork or material will remain on site during the night, as no surveillance will be provided after 8pm).
- The organization declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or destruction.
- The artist will be responsible for his tree and his work. He will have to supervise them during the two days of the exhibition.
- The artist will have to bring all the material he will need for the exhibition.
- The artist will be able to install, at the foot of his tree, one or more chairs to encourage conviviality and artistic discussions. (Cars are not allowed in the park).
- The artist will bring a garbage bag with him and will undertake not to leave any trace of his passage at the closing of the exhibition.
- Provide plastic canvases to temporarily protect the works in case of rain (which anyway lasts very little at the end of August). In 2019 we had superb weather!
- Performing artists are welcome to bring joy to this exceptional event: mimes, storytellers, clowns, jugglers, singers, musicians (without amplification, to avoid cacophony by the multiplication of sound sources), etc...

Don't hesitate to share the info.

If there is still a risk of an epidemic at the date of Arborescences, we strongly recommend the use of masks and respect for social distancing. Thank you.


Pierre Scarella : 0484 703 566
From Platoo (Lies): 02 412 00 50
VàK asbl: (Monique) 0477 479 319
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Elizabeth Park
1 of the 2 aisles of the exhibition
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Expo 2019
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