RFID & PayDirect Refund Form
This form is intended for RFID and PayDirect users to submit refund requests. If you have any questions, kindly refer to us at TnG RFID Facebook closed group.

RFID refund request only applicable for the below situations:
1) RFID deducted twice
2) RFID & TNG Card deducted
3) RFID & PayDirect deducted

PayDirect refund request only applicable for the below situations:
1) PayDirect deducted twice
2) PayDirect & TNG Card deducted

*Any refund request related to TNG Card usage such as double extra deduction (eg: RM20.00 been deducted twice from TNG card balance for road charge), please proceed to e-Refund

Please be responsible when filling in your experience. Do not fill in unnecessary content such as vulgarity, sexual content or spamming the same submission.

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