SHI: The End Where It Begins (Volume One: Flounder) Paperback Order Form
'In a world populated by intelligent animals, one fox must battle against all the odds to come to terms with the unthinkable...

His own death.'

Flounder is a 240-page fantasy adventure novel, the first entry in the SHI series, featuring artwork from BigRoundLion and Maudoggo, and a bonus glossary about the weird, wild and wonderful world of Terra Fauna. All copies of Flounder are signed and numbered, and each order comes with digital eBooks versions, which are emailed to customers upon receipt of payment. (Orders will also include the pre-order bonus of a free art card, featuring artwork courtesy of the talented D-JayJesse, for as long as stocks last.)

Each copy of Flounder costs £9.99 plus shipping, which will be calculated shortly before delivery. It will not cost customers more than it takes to package and deliver the items to your door. (As the effects of Brexit take hold, customers from abroad can anticipate longer delivery times. In the unlikely event that the package is subject to import tax, or other tariffs associated with international delivery, all fees must be dealt with at the user end.)

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