Fall 2023 CCSF Innovation Grant Application
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Reminders to Applicants
Collaboration between Educators and Students is encouraged.  Educators (and that includes all district employees), please discuss your project with your principal/supervisor and receive approval before submitting the application. Students, please discuss your project with your teacher or counselor.
All grant recipients will complete a brief survey and participate in a short video no later than May 2024.
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Deadline for this application is September 15 at 6:00 PM *
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Give a brief description your project, the key activities, how you intend to implement the project and timeline. Please include how this supports the Learner Profile. (3-5 sentences - 2000 character max) *
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GRANT APPLICATION- When this online application is submitted, it will be reviewed by Clear Creek School District and Clear Creek Schools Foundation. The grant application and any materials received through, or developed during, the grant will become Clear Creek School District property.  *

Clear Creek School District will be the grant recipient. All funds will be managed by the Activity Fund at the awardee’s school.  


All grant recipients will complete a brief survey and participate in a short video no later than May 2023. 

If a teacher or other educator encouraged you to apply, who was it?
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