Dear Friends and Readers
I’m proud to announce that on the 18th of December 2022, we are releasing our second book in the Season’s War series called
We welcome but do not expect long detailed reviews. We love the reviews as long and as short as you feel like it, and as long as you review it, even one or two sentences are good enough for us.

We understand you are busy and not keen to be flooded with emails. Therefore, we will post two reminders, one before we send you the book, so you know it’s on its way. Please check your inboxes, including the spam folders, as the email may land there because of the attachment. And another on the publishing day to remind you to post your review.

The book is primarily sent in ebook format.

If you would prefer a physical copy, please email us and let us know, but keep in mind, it is only available for readers that acquired the “Vip tag” by interacting with us, helping us by recommending the book on social media, leaving reviews on the previous book and signing up with a physical address.

Thank you so much for going on this journey with us.
Olga & Mark (aka Olena Nikitin)

Winter Dragon is a dark adult fantasy with mature themes, sexual scenes and graphic violence.
It is NOT a stand-alone book. Autumn Chaos is currently free on KU ( ), and you are strongly advised to read it first for context; otherwise, you may be confused by the relationships between the main characters and their choices.

“When a Chaos mage fights, only blood and scorched earth remain.”
Mage War Chronicles
Some victories are more costly than others, and Ina was the one that paid the price.
Determined to rescue her dragon, the newly appointed royal witch embarks on a gruelling journey through the wintery Grey Mountains. The weather is not her only obstacle, as the enemy forces gathered in the kobold mines have only one goal.
To capture the Chaos mage and deliver her to the heart of the mountain.
With the help of Sa’Ren, Ina arrives at Castle Liath almost unscathed, but her joy is short-lived, as its granite walls hide a shocking revelation.
With blossoming love shattered by a possessive dragon’s claim and an impossible mission to fulfil, will the mysterious Blessing of the Mountain help or hinder her efforts to protect Cornovii?

Immerse yourself in the second book of Season’s War, where passion mix with cruelty and the world-changing power is buried deep in the ancient tomb guarded by the stern Mountain God.


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