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The Flagstaff Foundry is Flagstaff, Arizona's only monthly community variety show.  All types of acts are considered and in the past, The Foundry has featured stand-up comedians, musicians, aerial dancers, sketch comedy, magicians, visual artists, improv comedy, juggling, unicycling, balloon making, and more.  You'll receive a confirmation email with show details in the week before the show.

Please complete the following items to register as a performer at the Flagstaff Foundry.


Performers must be over the age of 18 and agree to the possibility of having their likeness used in media projects of the Flagstaff Foundry.  Performers agree to arrive with their act prepared at call-time and will participate in the dress rehearsal, which immediately precedes the show.  By registering through this form, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE IN THE SHOW and will notify the organizers if you'll be unable to attend.  Performers understand that they will not be allowed to perform if noticeably under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The show director reserves the right to make the final decision on the suitability for any act registered.

We love repeat performers but we also want for everyone to have the limelight! We're limiting sign-ups to once per quarter. If you want to perform for a fifth time in a calendar year, please contact us at prior to completing the form. If you're a Foundry frequent flyer, please use your best judgment and refrain from duplicating acts you've done before; after all, variety is the spice of life!

In submitting this form I agree that, if selected to perform at Flagstaff Foundry, I will hold harmless Flagstaff Foundry and its affiliates for any personal injury, increased COVID exposure risk, or other personal harm that may occur as a result of my participation in the show.
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Confirm that you've read the fine print stuff, please. *
The Foundry does not condone or support hate speech including but not limited to homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. The Foundry protects our audiences' self-respect and dignity, and we strongly encourage everyone to respect others. If this doesn't jive with your act, perhaps our show isn't for you.
Questions about this? Please send us a message for more information -
If your act includes hate speech, your mic will be cut and you'll be asked to leave. *
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Which date do you want to perform?  *
Performer call time is 7pm unless arranged otherwise. 
Will you have any Covid-19 specific stage requirements (social distancing among performers or similar)? If yes, please explain. *
Accessibility - We want to ensure that everybody has access to perform at the Foundry. Our stage platform is 8" tall. Do you need accommodation to access the stage?  Please explain.
What should we say before you go on stage?  Help the host by giving a few lines of introduction to use: how long have you been practicing your craft?  Funny anecdote about how you started?  What do you want the people to know? *
Category *
We don't usually worry about putting people into a box (unless that person is a contortionist) but this helps us organize the show.  Which performance category does your act best fit into?
Describe your act: *
Give us a little run-down of what we can expect!
I'd like to use the following items during my act:
We need these details to understand the scope of your performance!  We'll follow up with you to clarify your exact specifications.
Musical considerations:
If your act requires music, please provide the Artist and Song Name for Spotify. If it's not on spotify, email with a .mp3 file of the song. 
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