The BHS-PTSO is pleased to support BHS teachers/staff curriculum initiatives, equipment and materials for individual classrooms as well as school-wide enrichment programs, field trips, scholarships, and various educational/social student organizations. The BHS-PTSO invites you to apply for a Wish List Award for the 2017-18 school year. The September BHS-PTSO Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction Fundraiser provides the funds for these awards.

PTSO Wish List Awards:
We look forward to all requests that support the curriculum and enhance your work and the learning experience for our students.

Eligible Requests:
We encourage you to collaborate on larger requests, especially if your department might have need of a particular item.
Examples: Group / Dept. Projects, Computer Software, Field Trips, Technology Aids, Classroom Materials, Books/Journals, Equipment, Other Materials, School-wide enrichment programs

Ineligible Requests:
Examples of some things that will be ineligible for PTSO funding include: snacks, individual awards for students, food for end of year banquets, celebrations or parties.

Application Process:
When requests are submitted, they are first reviewed by BHS administration. Once it is determined that a request is appropriate to consider, the request is submitted to PTSO.
The PTSO then votes to grant wishes based on the funds raised and budgeted expenses at the October PTSO meeting.
If your wish is awarded you can get reimbursed upon providing proof of purchase or submit an invoice for the PTSO to pay directly. You can submit by email or BHS-PTSO mailbox.

Deadline to Apply:
Please use the form below to submit your requests. The deadline for the October meeting is Monday October 9. If not all funds are disbursed by that date, requests may be considered up to Wednesday, November 9.

Please email any questions to

Thank you for your interest in this program and for the fabulous work you do every day. We look forward to helping you enrich the learning opportunities for BHS students

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