Application of Seminar Series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship / 創新創業講堂系列報名表
Application Deadline / 報名截止日期: 13/03/2019
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Declaration / 聲明
i. The University of Macau (UM) being a public institution of higher education as set in Law No. 1/ 2006, in accordance to the purpose of providing the related procedures regarding the application of Seminar Series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of University of Macau, requires applicants to fill in this application form and submit to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 澳門大學根據第 1/2006 號法律作為一所公立高等教育機構,為了提供申請人所要求的創新創業講堂申請之相關程序,要求申請人填寫此申請表並遞交至創新創業中心;
ii. The personal data collected shall only be used for the purpose mentioned in item i. Moreover, the personal data collected may be transferred within the University or to outside advisors. The relevant data may also be transferred to other authorized entities in accordance with the law or with your prior consent. 申請所收集之個人資料僅用作上款所述用途。申請所收集之個人資料可在本校內部傳遞,或送校外人士。有關資料亦會依法律規定或獲閣下同意的情况下轉交其他有權限實體;
iii. The applicants are entitled with the right of access and the right to rectify in accordance with the law, but such rights shall be exercised through a written request submitted to the UM. 申請人依法享有查閱權及更正權,在行使有關權利時需以書面方式向澳門大學提出。
iv. By submitting the application form, I hereby consent to use my personal data and business data for promotional purposes in connection with the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, such information can be published on printed and electronic materials or posted on website. 在提交申請表後,我同意澳門大學創新創業中心使用我的個人數據和業務數據用作宣傳用途,這些信息可以在創新創業中心的出版物和電子媒體上公佈。
v. The University has the final discretion of accepting or declining any application. 澳門大學保留接受與否任何申請的一切權利。
Upon completing and signing this Application Form, I confirm that I understand and accept all the terms and conditions as set out in this Application Form and the document of Seminar Series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Macau.在完成及簽署報名表之前,我同意我了解並接受申請表及澳門大學創新創業講堂文件中規定的所有條款和條件。
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