STEM Fellowship Undergraduate Big Data Challenge 2019 Mentor Registration
STEM Fellowship's Big Data Challenge on Recreational Drugs provides students with the opportunity to discover implications of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use and patterns of addiction through the analysis of open data. Organized by STEM Fellowship, in partnership with Roche Canada, the University of Calgary Hunter Hub, SAS Canada, Canadian Science Publishing, Digital Science, and Health Canada, the challenge will allow students to utilize a computational methods approach to examine federal, provincial, municipal and other open datasets to quantify the impact exerted by recreational drugs on human health and society. All Challenge participants will have their research paper abstracts published in the Open Access, peer-reviewed STEM Fellowship Journal, published by Canadian Science Publishing. Challenge winners will be recognized with monetary prizes and may have the opportunity to intern with corporate sponsors of the Challenge, including Roche.

We are seeking mentors with data science expertise to guide our students as they complete their data science project to help students with any technical issues they may face while carrying out their research. Mentors will be paired with a maximum of 5 teams and will be expected to contribute approximately 7 to 10 hours over the 10 day challenge period (May 13 to 23). There may be opportunities to mentor a team prior to May 13, as teams who register early are provided with resources and welcome to begin work on their projects in advance.

The entire mentorship process will occur online via Slack.

More information on your role can be found here:

Information on the theme, sponsors and timeline for the 2019 Undergraduate BDC can be found here:

Mentors are absolutely vital to the success of our competition so we want to thank you for your interest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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