The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey
Now that Warframe’s largest update ever, “The Plains of Eidolon,” has been released to both PC and console Tenno, we wanted to give the community a concise method of giving feedback so that we know how to best develop future Open Zones!

Obviously, the forums remain a valuable place to share ideas and constructive feedback about Warframe, but with the large influx of new players from this update we felt a survey was appropriate to gauge general Tenno opinion.

Please complete the following survey truthfully, as only honest and fair feedback will benefit the Warframe community. This means there is no need to try and flatter us, nor is this an opportunity to bash the immense amount of hard work that has gone into this update. Also, if you don't feel you have enough experience with a particular activity to judge, please simply skip that question.

Most questions will be rank-able from 1-10 where 1 represents very negative feedback and 10 is very positive. Alternatively, some questions will feature multiple choice responses. Be sure to read each question carefully, Tenno!

As an example: “Do you enjoy fishing in Plains of Eidolon”? 1 would mean you detest fishing, 10 would mean you love to fish.

Now without further ado, the Great Eidolon Feedback Survey awaits!

Overall, how much do you enjoy the Plains of Eidolon?
Strongly Dislike
Strongly Enjoy
Overall, how well is Plains of Eidolon integrated into the rest of Warframe's existing content?
Not Well Integrated
Very Well Integrated
How much are you looking forward to future "Open Zones" in Warframe?
Not at All
Very Much
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