The 2018 Digital Citizenship Conference Survey
Thank you in advance for answering some questions to help Lucy Gray and I organize an online/virtual conference on "Digital Citizenship."

Similar to other conferences Lucy and/or I run (e.g., the Global Education Conference, Library 2.0, and the Global Student Conference), our intent is to hold an annual and free event that brings practitioners, experts, and all who are interested together in a rich environment for learning and sharing.

Please also consider joining this online community in order to be updated on the event and to participate in conversations with others.

With appreciation,

Steve Hargadon
The Learning Revolution

What topics do you consider to be part of, or would you want to learn about at, a "digital citizenship" conference?
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Are there particular people would you want to hear present?
Authors, speakers, teachers, others?
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What resources (if any) do you use for teaching or discussing digital citizenship?
Books, videos, articles? Is there a particular framework you like?
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Would you consider presenting, and if so, on what topic?
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What days of the week works best for you to attend an online event?
What time of day works best for you to attend an online event?
When in the year works best for you to attend an online event?
Are you part of an organization that might be interested in sponsoring this event?
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Any additional thoughts or ideas?
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