Sentry I Staff Application, 2018-2019

You may be on the Sentry staff (as a reporter, photographer, or artist) without taking the class. All grade levels may join the staff. If that's what you want to do, go back to and click on the Out-of-Class Staff Application.

It is NOT necessary to have prior experience to join the Sentry I class. The Sentry I class is designed for 9th and 10th graders. Slots in this classes are limited. Students will be chosen for the class based on their application and the need to balance the class between different grade levels, interest, etc. Students who are not picked for the class may still write for the newspaper next year as out-of-class staff writers.

Students taking the class will learn a variety of reporting and writing styles, as well as the basics of photography, layout & design, editing, advertising, opinion writing, and social-media journalism. All staff members must be willing to try all of these areas.

All staff members next year may be called upon to help sell advertisements.

Students applying for the class should fill write a sample story (see below) and submit it along with their application.


To apply for the Sentry I class, you must research and write one story. The story must be factual and should not focus on your opinion. It should include a suggested headline and your name.

Acceptable topics for this story include:

•A profile of a faculty, staff, or administrative person at Prep.
•A story on an activity involving a number of Prep students.
•A story on a national trend that ties the trend in to the Prep community.
•A profile of a local business, charity, church, or other organization.
•A profile of a local artist, musician, or band (note: NOT A REVIEW, a profile).
•A profile of a Prep alumnus or parent who is not related to you.
•A story about a controversy in the community (that does not take a side).
•Another story, agreed upon in advance with Mr. Hughes

The story should be at least two pages, typed, double-spaced. Submit it by sharing it with Mr. Hughes ( VIA GOOGLE DOCS by the deadline. Make sure your name is included.

ALTERNATELY, you may pair photographs and short (1-2 paragraph) mini-stories to make THREE posts of the type that might be seen on the Sentry Facebook page or website (see or for examples, or talk to Mr. Hughes).

OR: You may come up with a list of 20 story ideas (single-sentence descriptions), with suggested headlines and descriptions of the pictures and/or graphics that would accompany them.

If you need help reporting or writing this story, talk to Mr. Hughes (

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