Online Test: The Background Reading - Renaissance Literature
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1. Which of the following years are known as The Age of Elizabeth?
1 point
2. Who is the writer of following lines for the rising England under the reigns of Queen Elizabeth?
"A Noble and puissant nation, rousing herself, like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks"
1 point
3. Which of the following social conditions helped in creating conducing environment for the literary output in the age of Elizabeth?
Mark all that are correct.
1 point
4. Which of the following statements about the age of Elizabeth is TRUE?
1 point
5. Which of the following marked the Age of Elizabeth?
Mark all correct option/s
1 point
6. Match the writer with the years of their birth and death:
1552 - 1599
1564 - 1593
1564 - 1616
1573 - 1637
1561 - 1626
Edmund Spenser
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
Ben Jonson
Francis Bacon
7. match the following with the appropriate counterpart:
First English tragedy, written by Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton
A domestic comedy, written by William Stevenson
First true play in English, written by Nicholas Udall
Ralph Royster Doyster (#1556)
Grammar Gurton's Needle (# 1562)
Gorboduc (1562)
8. Match with the appropriate characteristics of the Plays during the Development of the Drama in the Elizabethan Age
medieval dramatic form dealing with religious subjects such as Biblical stories or saints' lives, usually presented in a series or cycle by the craft guilds.
a medieval dramatic form based on a Biblical story, usually dealing with the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.
A drama in the 15th and 16th centuries using allegorical characters (Life, Death, Repentence, Goodness, Love, Greed, Deadly Sins) to portray the soul's struggle to achieve salvation. Something viewed as exhibiting a struggle between good and evil and offering a moral lesson.
Miracle Play
Mystery Play
Morality Play
9. During the Development Phase, two schools of Drama were found struggling to master the English drama - The University Wits and the Popular Playwrights. Which of the following sentence/s is/are TRUE in this regard:
Mark all correct option/s
1 point
10. Match the playwrights with the play penned by them:
The Jew of Malta
The Merchant of Venice
The Alchemist
Women Beware Women
A Woman killed with Kindness
The Duchess of Malfi
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
Ben Jonson
Thomas Middleton
Thomas Heywood
John Webster
11. Among the translators of the Elizabethan Age Sir Thomas North (1535 - 1601) is most deserving of notice because . . . . . .
1 point
12. Match the person with the profession, they are best know for:
Francis Bacon
William Camden
Richard Hakluyt
Thomas North
13. Who is known as 'the poets' poet'?
1 point
14. Which of the following are the characteristics of Spencer's poetry?
Tick mark all correct options
1 point
15. The last ruler of the Tudor Dynasty was ------------
1 point
16. The first ruler of the Stuart Dynasty was __________________ .
1 point
17. The period of English history during the reign of James - I is known as _______ .
1 point
18. The supporters of Charles - I in the Civil War were known as ________ .
1 point
19. The supporters of the Parliament in the Civil war were known as _______ .
1 point
20. _____ was first to introduce sonnet into England.
1 point
21. _______ wrote his beautiful sonnets under the pen name of 'Astrophel', addressed to 'Stella'.
1 point
22. The great Elizabethan who write the first systematic essay on literary criticism under the title 'Apologie for Poetry' or 'Defence of Poesie', was ______ .
1 point
23. 'The Shepherd's Calender' was written by ___ .
1 point
24. _____ was the classicist among the romantic writers of the Elizabethan Age.
1 point
25. _________ defeated Charles - I in the Civil War and established Commonwealth - the rule of the Parliament in England during 1648 - 1660
1 point
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