Polyglot Conference Cholula 2020 Proposals

At this year’s conference, we will have three separate tracks for papers and presentations, related to our overall theme of "Languages of Mexico”, honoring our host culture and its region.

I. Languages, Dialects and Cultures of Mexico

II. The Language Warrior

III. Other Language-related Topics

Track I. Dialects and Cultures of Mexico

In this track, we would like to celebrate the host country its languages, dialects and cultures. You could explore topics ranging from historic, classical topics related to Mexico to its modern trends or venture into Mexico's linguistic diversity.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here.

Track II. The Language Warrior

In this track, we would like to hear about ways you stand up for languages and how to give back to society through language and cultural activities. This would include topics from organising language projects, events and initiatives to translation and interpreting that provide tangible help to others.

If you have a paper that you passionately feel comes under this topic please submit it here.

Track III. Other Language-related Topics

At the Polyglot Conference, we like to keep some space available to people with genuinely interesting topics that do not fit the overall themes so easily. You may feel free to submit something you feel strongly about, or something you feel will be of interest to our live audience in Cholula or indeed to the wider audience upon video release on the Internet.


Preliminary deadline: We will accept proposals from now until 1st April 2020, at which point we will make our selection from among the submissions. If slots remain open after that date, we will continue to accept proposals until we have a full program.


Publication: All presentations will be recorded and the videos will be put on our social media channels. There will be photographer also taking still photographs during the time of the conference also, which will appear on our social media channels also. If you apply to talk at the event, you agree to the publication and distribution of these images and videos by the Polyglot Conference on their official channels.


You can present in the language of your choice. There are options available on the form above to let us know, which language you would like to use. We strongly encourage languages other than English for the presentations. All presentations will have a time slot of 50 minutes each, including questions.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 1st April 2020 23:00 Central European Time
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