National Peace Corps Association Membership Data Sharing Terms and Agreement
This agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which the National Peace Corps Association
(NPCA) and all affiliate groups can acquire and use data from the other party. Either party may be a provider of data to the other, or a recipient of data from the other. This data sharing agreement must be resubmitted each time a party requests data.

1. Recipient: NPCA data will be given only to the following:
   a. An officer with approved administrative status for a current NPCA affiliate group in good

2. Security and Confidentiality:
   a. Recipient must use reasonable care to protect the security and confidentiality of the data.
   b. NPCA and the data recipient will not release the names of individuals, or information that could
be linked to an individual, nor will the recipient present the results of data analysis (including maps) in any manner that would reveal the identity of individuals without individual consent.
   c. The data recipient will not release individual addresses, nor will the recipient present the results
of data analysis (including maps) in any manner that would reveal individual addresses.
   d. Both parties shall comply with all Federal and State laws and regulations governing the
confidentiality of the information that is the subject of this Agreement.
   e. Data may not be sold, transferred or used by a third party.
   f. Those who misuse data will be subject to review and possible sanctions, including removal of
access to database information.

3. Communications:
   a. Data is for use only for purposes approved by the list provider and may not be used for political
or controversial purposes.
   b. The data recipient will not share, publish, or otherwise release any findings or conclusions
derived from analysis of data obtained from the data provider without prior approval from the data provider.
   c. For any emailing, all emailed addresses will be concealed (e.g. BCC) so that addresses are not
visible to others and cannot be harvested.
   d. Affiliate groups and NPCA will give their members an opportunity to opt out of sharing their
names and contact information and will honor any such opt out requests. Both entities must respect these requests by omitting those records from any data sharing.

4. Data: The following rules govern the data to be shared:
   a. Data will be provided only to the approved group officer. Data will be in an Excel format.
   b. Data shared includes the following information as available: full name, first name, last name, maiden name, email address, home phone number, mobile number, business number, home addresses, country(s) of service, sector(s), years of service, volunteer site(s), training group number(s), employer, work title, work address, and date of death (if applicable).
   c. Country of Service member groups will receive data only for returned Peace Corps Volunteers or
staff who served in that member group’s country (or countries) of service.
   d. Geographic member groups will receive data only for returned Peace Corps Volunteers or staff
within the state or zip code range covered by their affiliate group, as appropriate.

5. Reciprocity:
   a. Groups must supply NPCA with the data for individuals in their database within six months
after receiving data from NPCA. NPCA's use of that data shall be governed by the same terms applicable to the affiliate's use of NPCA data.

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