Gloucester Single Use Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Business Survey
Dear Gloucester Business Owners,

Ordinances to prohibit single use plastic bags and polystyrene containers are set for a public hearing on Tuesday, September 12 at 7pm in City Hall. The Gloucester Clean City Commission, Seaside Sustainability, and Councilors Melissa Cox and Sean Nolan want to make sure that your voice is heard. Your response to the brief survey below will provide valuable information and perspective, helping us ensure that the ordinances, if approved, will be effectively implemented and beneficial to everyone involved. Thank you for taking a few minutes to respond.

For more information, please visit Why Propose a Ban -


Melissa Cox - City of Gloucester Councilor
Ainsley Smith (Chair) - Gloucester Clean City Commission
Eric Magers - Seaside Sustainability, Inc.

Voluntary: What is the name of your business?
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We know that many businesses in Gloucester provide customers with plastic shopping bags and/or polystyrene containers. Approximately how many plastic bags and/or containers does your store distribute? Daily? Weeky? Monthly?
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Approximately how much do you spend on supplying your business with plastic shopping bags and/or polystyrene containers? $X each (day/week/month/quarter/year)
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What percentage of your customers bring their own bags to your business?
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Have you found an increase or decrease in the number of customers that bring their own bags to your business over the past year?
How would these two ordinances impact on your business? Do you support them? Why or why not? For the text of the ordinances, please see -
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What could be done to address your concerns?
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