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Please complete this form as best you can to show your interest in helping us out at our conference. We will then contact you with confirmation of how you can help. Many thanks!
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HOTMAIL and LIVE account users! Please add my email address sarah.keates@opposablegroup.com OR Please regularly check your junk mail for correspondence from us. Messages tend to automatically go in to your spam until our emails are added to a safe list. Thank you!
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You can select as many as possible but if there is something you are really interested in doing then please complete the next question. The hours we think we will need you for are included in brackets at the end of the role description, some of these are spread over the Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th April with plenty of breaks in between to visit the expo. If we are asking for you to be available for more than 6 hours we will provide a meal.
Production Office
Welcome Team
Meeting room support (Tuesday)
VIP / AAA Hospitality
Volunteer - Techie (Must have tech and or AV experience)
Volunteer - General (I'm pretty adaptable!)
Evening Support - (Great networking)
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Please state which times of day you would prefer to help out at
The conference is over three week days, during the summer holidays. We understand that people have commitments so would like to give you the chance to get the best out of your experience with the conference. The times in brackets below are an estimate to give us an idea of your availability. Please be warned that there will also be a pre-event safety briefing (perhaps Monday evening - 10th April)
Is there something you would particularly like to do?
As a supporter of our event we would like to give you the choice of role. Is there something that you have lots of experience in and would like to use your skills to support us or something that would be a great addition to your cv, training or career? Pop a description here and we will see what we can do for you.
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