PortConMaine 2017 RPG GMing Form
This is the form for inputting your requests for Game Mastering a tabletop Roleplaying Game at PortConMaine 2017. Please fill out all questions and this information will be used to build our schedule. You will be contacted by the RPG Chair with verification that your game was chosen and your times to run it. Please remember that your choices for times do nt guarantee you those times but will be considered when creating the master schedule. Any questions please contact pcmtrpg@gmail.com
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Is there any special requirements you need to run your game? (i.e power, wall space, lightening control, contained room)
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Would you like to be Staff? Staff get free access to the convention but must provide 16 hours of service through the convention. This can be all GMing or a mixture of GMing and other staffing.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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