Southern Charm Creative Muse Model Call
Please read everything carefully. This is not a free event, or a contest. There is no prize to win.

You will receive the same treatment as our normal boudoir sessions, including:
-a pre-shoot meeting
-all of our pre-session emails to help you prepare for your session
-Professional hair and makeup
-Multiple wardrobe changes and access to our Client Closet
-Professional photoshoot with expert posing and coaching
-Professional retouched images
-In-person or Zoom Reveal Session 1-3 weeks after your photoshoot 

A signed release allowing us to share any images is required.
You must be local, or willing to travel to the studio in Palm Coast, Florida. If you are from out of state or the area, you are more than welcome to apply, but we do not cover airfare/travel.
Session will be held on a weekday in 2023, starting at 10am. We are not offering these specific sessions for 2024 yet. We do not offer weekend sessions for Model Call sessions at this time.
The Reveal Session is 1-3 weeks later and completed either in person or over Zoom. We do not send online galleries, or raw files.

Unless otherwise noted in the email or social media post: The $500 session fee is reduced to $250. In order to secure a date, $250 is due at the time of booking. All clients are required to select their artwork collection within 2 weeks of booking to avoid cancellations. All Boudie Call clients receive a $500 discount on their artwork/images as a thank you for letting us showcase your images and experience with us. Artwork starts at $600 before taxes/discounts applied. 

You must be okay with your film/photos being shared on my website & social media with a signed Model Release. Only purchased images approved by you will be shared. Unpurchased images are deleted directly after the Reveal Session. Please make sure your significant other knows you are considering doing this before you apply, and that it won't interfere with your job.  

Complete the following form to continue in the application process.
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Best email address. PLEASE be sure to add to your contacts OR be sure to check Spam/Junk folders. *
City currently residing *
Age range *
Why are you interested in doing a boudoir session? Please be as specific as you'd like. *
Do you have any insecurities you would like me to workaround during your shoot to ensure that you love the end result? *
We include professional makeup for these sessions and you get to keep the reusable magnetic lash kit from your shoot! What kind of makeup are you interested in? *
We include professional hair styling for these sessions. How would you like your hair styled? *
Safety is a top priority for us. Do you have any physical limitations we should know about? *
Please list your dress size (for our Client Wardrobe): *
Have you ever modeled professionally before? Don't worry! We show you the pose first and then coach you into the pose yourself. Experience isn't necessary! *
The shoot will take place in Palm Coast, Florida. Are you able to make it to and from Palm Coast, Florida with reliable transportation? We do not pay for travel. *
Please indicate the specific project you would like to participate in the most. We understand that most want to participate in ALL of the projects, but we want to know the one you want to participate in the most. *
What is your budget for products and digitals? All clients chosen are required to choose and purchase their artwork/image collection within 2 weeks of scheduling their photoshoot. interest free payment plans are available up to 30 days before the photoshoot. *
Are you interested in discussing the pre-session payment plan options we offer? *
Do you understand that images are not included with the session itself? Artwork and digital collections start at $1500 before discounts and taxes are applied. As a thank you we extend a $500 discount on images and artwork. *
If you are not selected, are you still interested in booking your own private boudoir or beauty session? You get to keep the images private and no need to share your images publicly. We extend a special discount to those not selected for our current project but are still interested in booking a session with us. *
I have spoken to my significant other about participating in this project, or I do not have a significant other to worry about and it will not be an issue. *
 I understand that I must sign a model release so that my photos and film can be used by Southern Charm Creative for promotional purposes. *
 I understand that if I choose to revoke my model release after the session has taken place, I will owe the value of the session fee, and hair and makeup totaling $500. *
I understand that Goddess Collections start at $1500 BEFORE discounts and taxes are applied. I understand that I will be required to choose an artwork collection within 2 weeks of scheduling my photoshoot in order to keep my session date and discounts. Full pricing is sent after securing a session date. *
 I understand that I can place the balance on a pre-session payment plan up to 12 months before my shoot. I understand that post-session payment plans are not offered. *
 I understand that I am receiving a discounted boudoir photo session (normally $500), professional hair and makeup (normally $200), and a product discount for participating and that NO images are included in the session unless they are purchased separately. *
I understand that a Model Call is not a free session with free images. I further understand that a Model Call is not a contest and there is no prize to win. Instead, the session retainer is reduced to $250 from $500.  This is not a "casting call" for professional models either. We specifically seek to work with regular, everyday women as that is our primary market and whom we share this experience with.  *
I understand that reschedules are not offered for Model Call sessions and if I choose to reschedule a Model Call session, I will be responsible for paying the regular boudoir session fee of $500. I further understand if I need to cancel my session, I will not receive a refund on any retainers paid.   *
I understand if I am unable to go forward with the photoshoot, I cannot "gift" the session to someone else.   *
I understand that by agreeing to these terms below, I am agreeing that everything I have entered on this is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am accepted as a model. I will be required to pay a $250 retainer upon booking. I understand that there is an application process to be selected as a Creative Muse to represent Southern Charm Creative and that Southern Charm Creative reserves the right to select the model that they feel best suits their needs for this particular creative project. I also understand that as a model, I will be required to sign a model release with Southern Charm Creative allowing the images to be posted online. *
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