It looks like you're interested in joining the MONAI ( Slack Channel! Read the following and see if you might be able to reach out in a different location.

If you're just getting started with MONAI and are looking for installation instructions, tutorials, or demos, take a look at our Getting Started section on the MONAI website (

If you're interested in submitting a pull request or want to report an issue with MONAI, head over to the GitHub Repo and read the contribution guidelines.

If you're having issues while using MONAI, or are trying to get some advice on how to use some MONAI functionality, reach out on the PyTorch Forums or Stackoverflow.
- Tag us on the PyTorch forums using @monai
- Check out existing MONAI tags on Stackoverflow ( or create a new question and make sure to tag MONAI

If you made it this far, great! It looks like you want to chat with some of the core developers and working group members to start some discussion. Please fill out the questions below. A team member will look over it and send you an invite to the Slack channel.

Thanks for reaching out!

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