StratSketch Translations / Languages
The next version of StratSketch built for the web will be released in a couple of months. I am considering creating additional translations so it can be more accessible to users who would rather use their native languages.
What languages would you rather use over English? *
The languages below are the most likely to be created so if possible please check one of them over "other". Currently German is in the lead, see the question below if you can help translate! If none of these apply then do not do the survey.
Would you be interested in volunteering to translate parts of StratSketch or verify translations? (Specifically German)
If so, please provide the languages you can translate from English, the name of your StratSketch account (or email), and any additional information. If enough people are able to help I will only need a few short translations for text seen in StratSketch. Thanks!
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