Theme schools offer the core curriculum through a unique lens, including environmental science, arts and music, global studies, leadership, Montessori, International Baccalaureate and more. In many theme schools, students have the opportunity for place based education and exciting extracurricular programming to enhance their learning.

The Centers of Innovation are unique public-private partnerships that offer students a rigorous classroom education along with opportunities to connect with professional mentors, complete job shadowing and internships, and earn college and trade school credits or career certification to prepare them for in-demand, high paying careers.

Theme schools and Centers of Innovation are open to all GRPS residents. Limited seats are available for non-district residents.

Please Note: While all of our elementary schools have preschool, the theme school application is only required for the Montessori school preschool programs. If you are interested in preschool at any of our non-Montessori sites, please contact (616) 819-2111.
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