Encode Justice Fellowship Applications
Website: https://encodejustice.org
Linktree with more resources: https://linktr.ee/encodejustice
Detailed description of fellowship program: https://tinyurl.com/EJHandbook

We're a grassroots, youth-led organization fighting for human rights and equity in the age of artificial intelligence. Our team spans 200+ members, 30+ U.S. states, and 20+ countries.

Alongside our executive team, we're actively recruiting fellows to join three different sectors (with plans for further expansion): Policy, Advocacy, and Education.

The Policy team researches and drafts original policy proposals for Encode Justice's internal, youth-led AI policy think tank.

The Advocacy team lobbies for the Policy team's proposals by meeting with legislators worldwide, hosts community events/town halls, and oversees phone banking/text banking/email banking.

The Education sector helps us develop AI ethics curriculum for our workshops at hackathons, schools, and other forums.

ALL fellows have the opportunity to contribute to our blog (https://medium.com/encode-justice), which focuses on AI ethics and justice.

If you have any questions, please contact our president, Sneha Revanur, at sneharevanur@gmail.com or via DM (Instagram username: sneha.revanur). We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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