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We are so excited that you are interested in submitting content for our new website! This form will help us have a better idea of what kind of content you would like to submit and how we can support you. We accept poetry, artwork, writing, blog entries, stories, news, photography, and any other creative work -- we are interested in how you express yourself.

Digital copies of all submissions should be emailed to bwlewis96@gmail.com by Friday, May 5th for publication, but we will continue to accept material on a rolling basis afterwards. Article or blog post style submissions should aim for around 500-700 words. All submissions should also include an image -- this may be a picture of you, a place that you frequent, an object that is meaningful to you, or some other image relevant to your submission.

In this first phase of our website launch, we will only be accepting one submission per person but look forward to reaching out to you in the future if you would like to submit more work. Submissions may be posted to the site anonymously if you prefer. We retain the right to edit submissions for grammar and will reject submissions with noninclusive language or inappropriate content for minors.

Thank you for sharing with QueerNC!

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Types of content might include a short article, blog entry, artwork, photography, or other creative work. It's up to you! Topics might include coming out, relationships with family, experiences growing up in North Carolina, commentary on politics or organizing, leadership work, or something about your individual identity and interests. We would love to hear about how you experience the world and your relationship to the south.
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