STEM Fair Mentoring 2019-2020
The application below applies to JSD math or science teachers that are interested in STEM Fair during the 2019-2020 school year. All proposed hours must be worked in addition to the school day and pay is based on the employee’s hourly rate.

Maximum number of student contact hours: 15 hours
Maximum number of teacher preparation hours: 5 hours (1 hour for every 3 hours with students)
Minimum number of students: 4 students
Maximum number of students: 10 students per teacher (mentor)
Teachers must keep a log of students attending each session.
Teachers must submit attendance logs with teacher time sheets and description of the activity (for example, identified original sources or identified project)

Approval is based on the degree of correlation to district goals and to available funds.
Increased opportunities for all students to accelerate, remediate, and enrich their math and science learning
Increased opportunities for all students to participate in STEM courses and programs in order to attract them to study STEM fields
Increased retention of licensed educators in math and science as well as increased recruitment of math and science teachers

Applications are due January 25, 2019
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