2017 Round 3 Application Form: Doing Good For Nothing Victoria
Would your non-profit organization like to benefit from a room full of great thinkers, do-ers and change-makers for a day? You bet they would!

DGFN will choose one non-profit organization to benefit from our collaborative efforts so please submit the most robust application that you can. Please plan to spend about 45 minutes on this application.

Simply fill out the form below telling us what you would do with a room full of experts for a day. We favour organizations with opportunities or challneges that will benefit from a solid day's work by an eclectic group of participants drawn from within and outside your organization. We also favour opportunities or challenges that need focused action rather than deep-thinks.

Our chosen project for Round 3 will fulfil the following criteria. They will be projects that:

1. Can be described in a sentence or two: "We really need an X in order to do Y. We need this because..."
2. Haven't been tackled by your organization because you don't have the people, skills or time to do it - but aren't impossible. Think "we need a communications plan!" rather than "we need world peace!"
3. Are holding your organization back.
4. Have Board support. Get your Board to give the application a Yes! prior to sending it to us. That way we can roll up our sleeves and get down to work knowing we have their blessing!

If you have questions or difficulty with this application please contact us: info@dgfnvictoria.ca and we’ll get back to you asap.

Following submission of your application these are the next steps:

1. We will shortlist the top 3 clients who have the most potential to benefit from working with DGFN.
2. If you are shortlisted, DGFN will contact you for a conference call to dig deeper into the opportunity and dilemma you are facing and get to know your team a little better.
3. We will choose the winning client within a month of the application deadline.
4. We will co-determine the rest of the schedule together.

Your Organization
Your answer
Your name
Your answer
Your position/role at your organization. Say a bit about what knowledge and skills you bring to the team.
Your answer
Your telephone #
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Your email
Your answer
Who from your organization will be our main contact?
We will be working closely and intensively with this person for the duration of the process. This means that the person chosen must be able to do things similar to this list:

a) access/mobilize resources within their organization
b) make logistical decisions
c) get people to do things - such as book meetings, get quick decisions made, send out invitations etc.

Please make sure this person agrees and understands the time commitment involved.

Name of contact person from your organization
Please list their name, title and contact details.
Your answer
The real questions!
Can you tell us about a challenge or opportunity in your organization that could be addressed or helped by a day of action?
Start by filling in these sentences: "We really need a X in order to do Y. We need this because..."
Your answer
How have you tried to address this challenge or opportunity in the past?
150 words or less - bullet points welcome!
Your answer
What was the outcome when you tried to address the challenge or opportunity?
150 words or less - bullet points welcome!
Your answer
What were the contributing factors that lead to that outcome?
Your answer
How could a day of action help?
300 words or less - bullet points welcome!
Your answer
What strengths does your organization bring to this challenge or opportunity?
Your answer
Who could help you on this challenge or opportunity? List areas of expertise or names of people if you know them already.
150 words or less - bullet points welcome! Don't forget about the awesome people on your Board!
Your answer
The Fine Print
Please read and indicate with a mark in the box beside each section that you agree and understand.
Privacy and use of this form and your contact information
This form contains sensitive information and we take that seriously. The information you provide will remain with the DGFN core team until we ask your permission to share it with our expanding team of experts and supporters. We will not use your contact information for any other purpose than this project. You can request that your information is deleted at any time. Contact info@dfgnvictoria.ca with any concern.
Time Commitment
DGFN Victoria is run by volunteers who are committed to the process. We need to know that you are committed too. If chosen, we will work in-house with the decision makers indicated above (as well as anyone else you think should be present) for a few hours prior and following the event.

We envision that the entire process will look like this:

1. Work with the chosen organization's team in a discovery process of 3 to 5 hours plus email communications.
2. The DGFN team will handle the event design, directing and planning marketing, getting venues, food etc., approaching and curating experts. We will involve you in this process so that you are up to date and in the know!
3. The week before the event we will be finalizing logistics and may need the main contact person to be available for final decisions and questions.
4. The event itself will last approximately 8 hours, to be co-determined with your team. All identified participants from your organization must attend.
5. The week following the event we will debrief the experience and the impact it had on your team. We estimate this last approximately 2 hours. All identified participants from your organization must attend.

Does this time commitment look realistic to you?
Impact Survey or Interview
Six months after the event we would like to follow up with you to find out what impact the event has had on your organization and community.
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