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Please only select uniform items that you need. The price is listed next to each item is only if you are NOT swapping out a similar item AND we have that item in stock.
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C/A1C John Smith
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Squadron Cadet PT- T-Shirt - $5.00 ($10.00/Adult)
BDU Pants - $11.00
BDU Shirt - $11.00
BDU Hat - $6.00
Please give head size in inches if you don't know your hat size
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Female Blues Flight Cap - $11.00
Female Blues Shirt - $22.00
SZ 6:14"Nx37"Bx25"L, SZ 8:14"Nx38"Bx25"L, SZ 10:14"Nx39"Bx25"L, SZ 12:14 1/2"Nx41"Bx25 1/2"L, SZ 14:14 1/2"Nx42 1/2"Bx25"L, SZ 16:15"Nx43 1/2"Bx26"L, SZ 18:15"Nx46"Bx12 1/2"L, SZ 20:15 1/2"Nx48"Bx26 1/2"L
Female Blues Pant - $25.00
SZ 8-25 1/2 -28"Wx40"H, SZ 10-27-29"Wx41"H, SZ 12-28 1/2-30"Wx42 1/2"H, SZ 14-30 1/2-32"Wx44 1/2"H, SZ 16-32-35"Wx46"H, SZ 18-33 1/2-36"Wx48"H, SZ 20-35 1/2-38"Wx51"H
Male Blues Flight Cap - $11.00
Male Blues Short Sleeve Shirt - $25.00
Male Blue Pants - $27.00
Shoes - $20.00 (shoes only. we do not have any boots)
Type your shoe size in box below
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Do you need a belt? - $10.00 each
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