Elements of Home Art Exhibit
Elements of Home, led by De La Raíz (From the Root) Latinx Story Project is a mobile art exhibit of four paintings created by two southern Oregon Latinx artists that explore the connection of home and our relationship with water, air, fire, and Earth. Artists Tahiz Perezchica and Alexandrra Vanderlip were inspired by the land that sustains us and were able to weave stories and personal cultural style into the artwork.  

Storytelling through art is a powerful and integral part of the Latinx community. It is a visual way to share ideas, culture, and narratives. Elements of Home is an art project that hopes to remind us to live in balance and be in good relationship with the land, the animals, the water, and mother earth. As climate change continues to impact our home and our ways of life, the paintings represent the four elements as we experience them here in Southern Oregon.

Fill out this form if you wish to showcase this collection. We prefer that all 4 paintings stay together but if you do not have space for all 4 then you can showcase one or two. Minimum Two weeks and and max four weeks at each location.

Air 36"x30"
Earth  36"x30"
Water 24"X48"
Fire 24"X48"

We will deliver the art work, the set up will be up to you and the facility.

For any questions, please contact Erica Ledesma at DeLaRaizProject@gmail.com
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