SAS Agenda Items
Please use this form to add any agenda items you'd like to be presented at the upcoming SAS meeting. You will be emailed by Saturday morning with a confirmation of when your item will be presented at the SAS meeting and your allotted time.

Things to note:
* SAS meetings are every Sunday from 7-8:30 pm in the Student Union
* To be considered for this week's meeting, you must fill out this form and email pertinent materials (any context you'd like us all to have ahead of time) to by Friday at 5:00 pm (the week of the meeting)
* SAS must prioritize the items that are most time-sensitive, so items submitted may not necessarily be presented at this weekend's SAS meeting if there are more time-sensitive items to be addressed
*This form is for anyone that would like to add an agenda item to the upcoming SAS meeting
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